Samuel L. Jackson summons Avengers for ‘mission’ in Brazil’s elections

The actor Samuel L. Jacksonknown for his role as Nick Fury in the MCU, surprised fans this Friday (28) by start a “mission” encouraging Brazilian voters to go vote consciously in the second round of Elections 2022, which will take place next Sunday (30).


It all started when, on his Twitter, the actor replied to the post of a fan who made the following request: “We know that #NemTodoHeróiUsaCapa, but it would be great to count on the help of the Avengers in this mission!!! your story of how we are beating abstention. @SamuelLJackson can you help us?

The post was shared by comedian Fábio Porchat and reached the actor, who responded by ‘summoning’ the Avengers for the mission. “THIS IS NOT A TEST. Voters in Brazil, send in your stories about how and why you are voting. It’s time for true heroes to come together. #NemTodoHeróiUsaCapa”.


Actors Mark Rfallo and Chris Hemsworth shared Samuel L. Jackson’s post and are also reposting user responses with the hashtag.

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Return to the MCU

Samuel L. Jackson will next be seen in the role of Nick Fury in the miniseries Secret Invasion. The series, with a focus on the Skrulls, tackles a faction of the race that infiltrate Earth, masquerade as humans and occupy positions of power. They plan to take control of the planet, but first they’ll need to get past the former director of SHIELD.


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