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Samsung will start producing OLED panels for the iPhone 15 a month ahead of schedule

Credits: Samsung Disclosure
Credits: Samsung Disclosure

Apple is preparing to start receiving components to start assembling the iPhone 15 series smartphones . The devices should be revealed in September and new information indicates that Samsung should advance the production of OLED displays of the models to compensate for problems presented by the screen of another manufacturer.

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Samsung to produce iPhone screens in May

In the new line of Apple devices, all cell phones will have OLED panels with a design similar to that used in the iPhone 14 Pro line , with the notch being replaced by Dynamic Island . These screens would be produced by Samsung Display , LG Display and BOE Technology , but The Elec obtained information that the latter’s components had problems and it will no longer offer its components.

The portal points out that the Chinese models produced for Apple had “light leakage problems around the hole” and because of this the company “lost the chance to become one of the initial suppliers of the hole display panels”. Because of this, the other suppliers will have to compensate for the Chinese output from production, with Samsung even advancing the start of production to May.

Credits: Apple Disclosure
Credits: Apple Disclosure

In recent years, the manufacturer started production of screens for iPhones in June, a month later than in 2023. LG is expected to start producing its panels only in June.

With the departure of BOE , Samsung , which is the main supplier of screens for the Cupertino giant, will expand the number of entry-level displays supplied. The production advanced by the company will be the displays for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus model . Production of the iPhone 15 Pro line screens will begin in June.

Apple is expected to unveil the four devices in the iPhone 15 line at an event in September.

Via: BGR Source: The Elec


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