Samsung teams up with iFixit to help customers fix their Galaxy smartphone at home

Smartphones, regardless of brand, are frighteningly integrated devices and are not specifically designed to encourage their owners to open them. Opening most recent smartphones is relatively destructive. Parts of the device have to be peeled off, destroying the seal in the process. The process itself can damage components that are in good condition.


And yet, for several years, more and more customers have been carrying out routine repairs such as changing the screen or the battery themselves, at home. It must be said that players like the iFixit site have specialized in repairing smartphones, tablets and computers at home. iFixit in particular offers, in addition to spare parts and various tools and consumables, particularly detailed disassembly guides.

Samsung no longer minds you repairing your Galaxy smartphone yourself at home

On the manufacturers’ side, the latter are required, in Europe in particular, to display a repair index. Index which is in the state debate because it allows to assign notes close to 10/10 to devices which are not easy to open easily, and in which components like the battery are firmly stuck to the rest of the device . It is therefore for all these reasons that Samsung has just announced a partnership with iFixit to launch repairs to be carried out yourself at home.


The repairs offered under this program currently only concern the Galaxy S20, S21 and Galaxy Tab S7. Samsung will supply official spare parts for a selection of repairs covered by the program. According to iFixit, in fact, the program concerns “replacement screens, back cover and charging ports – and used parts will have to be returned to Samsung for responsible recycling”.

However, the site specifies that in the near future, “Samsung plans to offer do-it-yourself repairs for more devices and repair types.” Since its inception, iFixit has made a name for itself by specializing in “clandestine” repairs of Apple products, by customers. The site finds and sells spare parts for many brand products, even though Apple does not sell spare parts directly.


Since then, several manufacturers have decided to partner with iFixit in order to offer more immediate repairs for customers who feel capable. This is the case of Microsoft with Surface devices, Valve with the Steam Deck or even Motorola smartphones. It remains to be seen whether this certain openness around repairs carried out at home portends design changes that would facilitate repairs on future generations of Galaxy smartphones. Samsung’s new repair program is expected to begin sometime this summer, according to iFixit.

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