Samsung S20 Ultra 5G price drops to the lowest just before Black Friday

On Rakuten are hiding some nuggets, even before Black Friday. That’s how we came across the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G price for just € 578. When you know that this is the most powerful model in the range, it leaves you wondering.

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, the high-end smartphone from Samsung

  • Excellent autonomy, even at 120 Hz
  • An exceptional photophone
  • An almost borderless screen


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S20 Ultra 5G price

On Rakuten, it is often possible to find high-end products at totally indecent prices. Thus the S20 Ultra, sold as a base for more than 1000 €, is here available at 578 €. This drop in price is often due to the fact that the smartphone comes from abroad, where its selling price is lower.

But here there is no need to worry, it is indeed a European model and therefore perfectly compatible with French standards. So if you have a 5G package you will be able to take full advantage of it. And in addition to this small price, you can pool € 28.95 on your Club R account (registration is free), to be deducted from a future purchase.

The Samsung S20 Ultra specs

Smartphones that have excellent sensors are called photophones. And it is undeniable that on the S20 Ultra, you have to take photos of very high quality. And for good reason, the smartphone is equipped with three very powerful rear sensors of 108 Mpx, 12 Mpx, 48 Mpx to shoot 8K videos at 30 images/second.

The screen is a 3200 x 1440 pixel Super AMOLED, or 6.9 “with a 20: 9 ratio. The display frequency is 120 Hz, and what is impressive is that even when this mode is activated. , the battery will not suffer. You are entitled to 28 hours of full autonomy with typical use and the screen permanently on at 120 Hz.


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The version of the S20 Ultra offered here is the one with 128 GB of memory and especially 12 GB of RAM for unparalleled responsiveness. Between that and the 120 Hz refresh, you’ll have one of the smoothest smartphones around.

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