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Samsung Reveals Production Cost of Galaxy S22 Series Has Rise, Towards Higher Selling Prices?

Galaxy S22 price
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While only a few days separate us from the formalization of the new models of smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy S range, now the prices of the Galaxy S22 series might have leaked…

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On February 9, Samsung will unveil its new range of smartphones. But in the meantime, a Korean report reports some interesting information about them, including the impact of the cost of production on selling prices.

Rising production costs…

As usual, Samsung will soon market three new models of its new range of smartphones: the Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra. These will be revealed to the general public in two days and the opening of pre-orders should take place from February 21, for a launch then scheduled for February 25. In its own market, South Korea, Samsung plans to produce between 700,000 and 800,000 Galaxy S22 models.

Talking about the production, the brand confirmed that the costs of the Galaxy S22 have increased compared to the Galaxy S21. The cause ? The shortage. But then should we expect an impact on sales prices?


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… but similar prices

On the price side, here is what the manufacturer would plan to apply, still according to the Korean report:

  • The 128GB S22 model starts at $833
  • The S22+ model retails from $999
  • The 256GB S22 Ultra model retails for around $1,210
  • The 512GB S22 Ultra model retails for around $1,333

Note that for the classic Galaxy S22 models, versions with 256 GB will also be offered but the prices have not been communicated. The same goes for the S22 Ultra which will see its range accommodate a 1 TB model but whose price also remains unknown. It should also be taken into account that the prices above were originally communicated in South Korean won and that this is only a conversion into dollars. There may therefore be slight differences with the euro.

Despite an increase in the production costs of its smartphones, Samsung therefore does not intend to raise their prices. The idea behind this move would be to make it easier for users to access its smartphones while trying to expand the size of its own market. Given the context of shortages and the rise in component prices, it was however quite possible that the selling prices of the Galaxy S22 would inevitably be pulled up. This announcement is therefore rather good news for those who were planning to purchase one of the models from Samsung’s new range. And see you next February 9 so that these new devices finally have no more secrets for us!


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