Samsung reportedly has a plan to make smartphone repairs cheaper

Today, the smartphone industry finally seems to be making real efforts to extend the lifespan of our smartphones. And Samsung (for once?) is one of the best students. This year, the Korean giant has decided to support some smartphones for longer.


As a reminder, when a device is still supported by its manufacturer, it continues to receive updates, which guarantees the security of user data. In other words, the duration of support is the lifespan of a product.

And precisely, in February, Samsung announced that some of its smartphones will receive major updates to the Android operating system for four years. In addition, for eligible devices, the manufacturer also agrees to provide five years of security updates.


But that’s not all. Indeed, Samsung also displays a good will with regard to repairability. If the Korean giant’s smartphones are not always well rated in this area (in terms of ease of disassembly), it will however launch a program that will allow people to buy repair kits for their smartphones, in order to carry out these repairs themselves.

With this type of program, the Korean giant encourages people to repair their smartphones, and therefore to keep the same model longer. And this is good for the environment.

Repairs to your Samsung smartphone could cost less


Samsung’s next announcement could be that of a program to make smartphone repairs more environmentally friendly, but also less expensive for the consumer. How ? According to an article published by Business Korea, Samsung has decided to increase the use of recycled components in the repairs of its smartphones.

The objective would be to reduce the impact of its smartphones on the environment, but also to reduce consumer costs. And to achieve this, the manufacturer is currently working on a program that will allow the marketing of recycled and certified components. The launch would be planned for this first semester.

Thanks to this program, the cost of a screen replacement, for example, could be reduced by half. And to ensure consumer confidence, Samsung would ensure that the quality of the recycled components, as well as their performance, are equivalent to those of a new component.


Unfortunately, at the moment it is not known in which countries Samsung will offer this program, or for which models. The rumor, let’s remember, comes from a Korean media. Moreover, as this is not yet official information, caution is always in order.

But in any case, it is clear that since the beginning of the year, Samsung’s announcements in favor of ecology are multiplying. For example, in February, the manufacturer announced that it is recycling fishing nets for the design of the Galaxy S22 series.

“Samsung first partnered with Royal DSM, a company leading scientist to collect fishing nets from fishermen who collect them along the coasts of the Indian Ocean. After having ensured the collection of the nets, the company separates them, cuts them, cleans them and extrudes them to develop an eco-responsible material, composed of a minimum of 80% recycled polyamide, or nylon.had explained the Korean giant.

“Samsung then works with Hanwha Compound, a polymer blending company, to optimize the material’s performance to meet the company’s high-quality standards for smartphone technology. The material is transformed into high performance polyamide resins constructed with a minimum of 20% reused fishing nets”added the manufacturer.

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