Samsung: Once again the biggest smartphone manufacturer of the world


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With a sales growth of 27%, the global smartphone market has seen a significant recovery in the first quarter of 2021. Due to economic and production challenges leading to supply problems and declining demand, the smartphone sector has been affected by Covid-19. However, the relaxation of easing measures on a global scale laid the foundation for the recovery. Samsung has recently been challenged by Apple and Huawei and is the biggest smartphone manufacturer. Samsung shipped 76.5 million units, representing 22% of the market.


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Global smartphone sales 2021

Apple ranked second with 52.4 million and a 15% market share, while Xiaomi showed its best single-quarter performance, with third-quarter sales increasing 62% to 49 million units. Oppo’s sales increased by 60% to 37.6 million, while Vivo’s sales increased by 48% to 36 million, ranking in the top five.

Samsung has benefited from Huawei’s demise to be the biggest smartphone brand. Huawei’s decline is due to US sanctions that restrict the use of its key technologies and the sale of its honorary subsidiaries. The fate of your smartphones is gradually disappearing. Huawei is now the seventh-largest smartphone manufacturer with 18.6 million mobile phones.


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The company’s efforts have also benefited Chinese competitors, who are increasingly targeting markets outside of their hometown with affordable mid-range phones with full functionality.

In addition to having excellent product value, Xiaomi now also strives to recruit local talent, becoming more channel-friendly and leading high-end innovations such as the Mi 11 Ultra and its latest folding product Mi Mix Fold.

“Its competitors provide excellent channel earnings, but Xiaomi’s huge sales volume actually gives distributors better profit opportunities than competing brands. But this race is not over yet. Oppo and Vivo are close behind. And it is positioned in many regions to push Xiaomi into the low-end market. Honor is also an imminent threat. It has reached a supply chain agreement and is now signing a distribution agreement to re-enter various markets in the second. mid-2021. Xiaomi is leading to be the biggest smartphone manufacturer, but the game has just begun.


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Analysts also say that LG’s withdrawal from the mobile phone business may provide opportunities for Nokia, Motorola, TCL, or ZTE to develop in the USA. Although Covid-19 remains an important consideration for manufacturers, the global chip shortage is now causing further concern.

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