Samsung offers free Spotify Premium to its users

Did you know that as a Samsung user you can access a pool of free subscriptions? With “Samsung Access” you can get Spotify Premium for three months free of charge or you can get Spiegel + for 12 months with a decent discount. I’ll tell you how you can access the free offers.

  • “Samsung Access” is currently causing a stir on the internet
  • Samsung customers get certain subscriptions for up to 1 year free of charge or at a discount
  • The offer can be accessed via the Samsung Members App


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A cool trick for Samsung users is making the rounds on various tech websites. With the “Samsung Access” offer, you can get numerous services and subscriptions for less. Among other things, Spotify Premium is free for three months – Sky Ticket can even be used for free for half a year.

You can reach Samsung Access via the “Samsung Members” app, which is preinstalled on every smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer. A Samsung account is required and you can already browse through the free benefits. However, since you always have to take out a subscription, you should set a timer for the end of the test period when you try it out.

These offers are free in December 2021

Unfortunately, I cannot download the Samsung Members app on my Google Pixel 6. The member’s app does not work properly on the Samsung Galaxy A12, but Samsung is posting the offers available in December online. Here I have listed them for you:

Samsung Access as of December 2021

offer advantage
Sky ticket 6 months for free
Les Mills on Demand 25 percent discount
RTL + 6 months reduced
YouTube Premium 4 months free of charge
Spotify 3 months free
Audible 3 months free
Komoot Free region package
Readly 3 months free
Mirror + 12 months with a 40% discount
Babbel 5 months free of charge with an annual subscription
Calm 6 months free of charge
Fastic 12 months for the price of 2 months Up to 10% cashback when booking


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How do you find the rewards offered and the availability of the bonus program? Did you already know Samsung Access? Let me know in the comments!

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