Samsung new wireless keyboard, Smart Keyboard Trio 500 is designed to connect 3 devices at once


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Samsung has quietly launched the latest wireless keyboard Smart Keyboard Trio 500 that has very convenient features. It allows simultaneous connection of mobile phones, tablets, and computers, and the ability to switch from one to the other using dedicated keys.

Through Samsung DeX, this Korean manufacturer provides a system to enjoy the interface of the desktop on your Samsung tablet or smartphone. Now, to make the experience even more, in this case, to facilitate typing, they brought us a new and original keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity.

Samsung wireless keyboard price, new wireless keyboard by samsung
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The Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500, the new wireless keyboard of the company has just been featured on the company’s Levant website and may launch in more regions. The keyboard is available in black and white colors. The appearance of the wireless keyboard is pretty similar to Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

Smart Keyboard Trio 500 can connect three devices

Smart Keyboard Trio 500 allows users to easily connect to three devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop) at once. It enables you to easily switch between the devices. This is useful in many situations. For example, suppose you write notes on your desktop, and you receive a message on your smartphone. You can easily switch from desktop to your phone by pressing a key and reply to the message.


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You can also use your favorite applications by pressing a single key. It allows you to select your favorite apps that you want to play on each device connected to Smart Keyboard Trio 500. If you want to make notes on your smartphone, simply connect the keyboard via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Now start making notes with a newly activated keyboard.

Entering the design stage, the tablet adopts a slim and compact form factor. The size of the keys is still almost similar to normal keys, which means that your typing experience will not suffer.

Samsung new wireless keyboard price

Currently, there is no official price, although the company explained that it can be purchased in black or white in May.

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