Samsung Isocell HP1 with 200 megapixels: is that the camera sensor of the Galaxy S22?

Samsung Isocell HP1 with 200 megapixels

Samsung has presented new Isocell camera sensors. With 200 MP, the Isocell HP1 is a candidate for the Samsung Galaxy S22, which will be released next spring.

  • Samsung presents the Isocell HP1 and GN5 camera sensors
  • Isocell HP1 offers 200 megapixels and three-pixel binning options
  • The first device with this sensor could come from Xiaomi

108 megapixels – that was previously the limit for Samsung’s own camera sensors and was used, for example, in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Now the South Koreans are following up with new sensors, of which the Isocell HP1 even brings it to 200 megapixels.

Samsung proudly presents the Isocell HP1 as “the first mobile 200-megapixel image sensor that offers the highest possible resolution for a smartphone.” In view of this not new camera arms race, we of course also know that more megapixels do not automatically promise a better camera. Samsung knows that too and has more to offer than just crisp marketing slogans.


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Samsung Isocell HP1
Samsung wants to stir up the market with the new sensor / © Samsung

In addition to the 200 megapixels, the sensor offers 0.64-micrometer pixels. By default, you will not snap with this camera at 200 MP, but at 50 MP. So four pixels are combined in 2×2 format. With “ChameleonCell”, Samsung is presenting a new pixel binning technology. This makes it possible to vary the pixel arrangement so that in addition to 2×2, 4×4 or even the full 200 MP grid can be used.

According to Samsung, we particularly benefit from the new options under low-light conditions. In a dimly lit environment, explains Samsung, the Isocell HP1 transforms into a 12.5 MP image sensor with large 2.56 μm pixels by merging 16 neighboring pixels. The newly formed 2.56μm pixels are then able to absorb more light and be more sensitive, which should lead to brighter and clearer photos indoors or in the evening.

In addition, the HP1 can record 8K videos with 30 frames per second, alternatively, 4K videos with 120 fps or Full HD videos with 240 fps are possible.

New sensors in the Galaxy S22?

In addition to the Isocell HP1, Samsung has also presented the Isocell GN5 with 50 megapixels. The sensor with 1-micrometer pixels comes with the new “Dual Pixel Pro” technology and should therefore be able to focus extremely quickly. Both sensors are already available as samples, but we don’t yet know when mass production will start. It is still possible that we will see the first hardware this year that uses one of the new sensors.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is a potential candidate for Samsung’s 200 MP sensor. The smartphone is expected early next year, so the Isocell HP1 will certainly be ready by then. Personally, however, I am not convinced that Samsung will take this step and perhaps stick with the 108 MP.


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It is suspected, however, that another company, Xiaomi, could be the first to integrate one of the new camera sensors. For months there have been rumors that Xiaomi could rely on a 200 MP sensor from the South Koreans. We expect the Xiaomi 12 Ultra in November and there is also another rumor from the Leakers Digital Chat Station very fresh. This means that Samsung’s 50 MP sensor is used in this 12 Ultra.

We will find out in November at the latest whether Xiaomi is now installing one or even both of the new Isocell sensors in its top smartphone. In any case, the chances are good that Samsung’s new camera technology will debut on Xiaomi and not on its own smartphone.

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