Home Android Samsung is making a waterproof tablet

Samsung is making a waterproof tablet

Samsung is making a waterproof tablet

Although few people submerge their phone in water, at least the drop-resistant and water-repellent design comes in handy, and even better is the IP67/68/69K protection, so that the phone will not get wet if it is dropped in a pool, if it does not swim too deep. For those who would like to use a tablet on the beach, but don’t want to risk getting wet, either a waterproof case is the best protection, or they can purchase a huge Galaxy Tab Active device – the 674 gram Tab Active4 Pro, for example, is IP68 protected in addition to MIL-STD-810H tests. , spending 30 minutes in one and a half meter deep water.


THE SamMobile according to the Tab S9 family, the IP67 dust and water protection comes at the same time, so that Samsung’s next giant-screen flagship series is not affected by the elements of nature or a little more careless treatment. Although this is not the most important feature in the genre, it is timely, after all, the manufacturer has already solved IP protection for foldable devices. This can also be a differentiating factor at the box office for a tablet, but the Tab S9 family is expected to remain behind the scenes until the summer. Let’s just say it’s not worth going to the beach before that.

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