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Galaxy Z fold 3 price, galaxy z fold 3 release date, samsung galaxy z fold 3

In recent years, the popularity of folding products has continued to grow, much of which is attributed to Samsung. Samsung entered the foldable field with the original Galaxy Fold, and this flaw is almost nonexistent. The company accepted Chin’s criticism, returned to the drawing board, and brought in a fixed product. A few months later, Samsung ventured further into the foldable space with the Galaxy Z Flip and tested different form factors. In the flagship product line, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 arrived at some point, marking the biggest attempt at a folding phone in the broader range. It’s 2021, which means it’s time for the next foldable smartphone. Here is all we know about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 price and release date, which is Samsung’s next top foldable flagship!


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Samsung foldable smartphone, Samsung Z flip 3
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Galaxy Z Fold 3 Release Date

The predecessor Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was launched on August 5, 2020. Assuming the product cycle is one year, the most obvious release date of the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 is August 2021. Some reports suggest that Galaxy Z Fold 3  will launch in the third quarter of 2021, and the August release is in full agreement with that information.

But at the same time, there are rumors that it will be released in early June or July. The July launch is still in line with expectations for the third quarter of 2021, but the June launch rumors are overconfident. Keep in mind that we still have a global chip shortage, which may even affect the Galaxy Note series. Based on this situation, we have no confidence in the postponement of the launch schedule by Samsung.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Price and variants

The first two foldable smartphones in this product line are very simple: one mobile phone for everyone. These phones were not for the general public, so a single product line is sufficient to help in Samsung test for the scope of this emerging technology.


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There are no reliable rumors in the price of folding products. The launch price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was US $ 1,999, and we can expect that the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also around this price. Although your guess is only as good as our expected price, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 Lite will obviously be cheaper. If we have to guess, we expect it to be around $ 500 cheaper than the main folding product.

samsung galaxy z fold 3

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Specs

Until now, Samsung has been using the best SoCs in its foldable products, and there is no sign that this will change with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. So, you can expect devices like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 to be in the device, as well as lots of RAM and storage space. Although it is impossible to have expandable storage, we expect to see larger storage variants, such as the 1TB options.

Things could change up a little for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 Lite though. However, there’s no further information yet on this end.


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samsung galaxy z fold 3

The most amazing rumor we’ve heard about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is an under-display camera (UDC) on a foldable display. The leak mentioned that a special screen from Samsung Display will be used in Samsung Galaxy Z 3, and the image sensor will come from the LSI department of Samsung Electronics’ system. The company is also said to be working on an algorithm for an image correction to improve the output of the under-screen camera settings.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Concept was created for LetsGoDigital. The original work can be found here.

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