Samsung Galaxy S24: there will be a new VERY POWERFUL Exynos processor


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Samsung Galaxy S24: there will be a new VERY POWERFUL Exynos processor

Samsung Galaxy S24 may receive a new processor from the South Korean brand; does this imply that the company will abandon Qualcomm? According to the rumors, it should be a deca-core chipset called Exynos 2400.

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Samsung Galaxy S24: what do we know about the new devices?

Exynos processors, for the uninitiated, have eliminated Samsung processors for some time; we have seen proprietary solutions in various products, from low-end to top-of-the-range. Following some problems with the energy sector, the company had to switch – worldwide – to rival SoCs. However, it seems that with the new generations, things are destined to change.

The insider RGcloudS took care of bringing these gods back on the net who shared everything via Twitter. From the indiscretion we learn that the company has not given up on the development of its proprietary platforms; it seems that the company still wants to improve its ches in order to put them back into its terminals. Here then, Galaxy S24, S24 + and S24 Ultra will receive the Exynos 2400 and it seems that this unit will be a chip with ten cores. It will be so powerful that it will compete without the slightest problem with premium processors from Qualcomm.

Samsung Exynos

Samsung Exynos

There’s no way to know if the ten CPU cores will all work simultaneously or if they will be optimized depending on the target activity. Nonetheless, it is said that this SoC will be able to match – in terms of power – the Apple Silicon M2, which is, however, a desktop platform. Will the Exynos 2400 be the breakthrough chip for Samsung? What do you think about it?

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