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Samsung Galaxy S24: the batteries will be inspired by those of electric cars

Samsung Galaxy S24: the batteries will be inspired by those of electric cars
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Today we discover that the Samsung Galaxy S24 could have a completely renewed battery, equipped with a revolutionary technology inspired by that of the energy cells present in electric vehicles.

It seems that the South Korean OEM is working on the next generation of flagship Android smartphones that will see the light during the first quarter of next year. The interesting thing, in addition to the usual rumors about the design, the screen and the photographic sector, is to find out what the technical specifications it will have will be. In detail, we read from a leak that has just been leaked, that there will be an unprecedented system for the autonomy of the terminals, of automotive derivation. It is the first time that the automotive world serves as the “inspiration” for commercial phones.

Samsung Galaxy S24: what will the batteries of the future look like?

According to what is learned from a recent report that emerged on the net, it seems that the South Korean company is trying to improve the autonomy of its future devices with a revolutionary technology. In a nutshell, it seems that Samsung is collaborating with two Chinese companies to develop the latest generation of accumulators. The company wants batteries with an exaggerated capacity but in the dimensions of the current ones: fantasy? Science fiction? Absolutely not. This feature is present in the energy cells of EV cars, so this option could be “borrowed” to bring it to a commercial device.

Samsung’s SDI division, i.e. the research and development unit, is working on this project. The company aims to keep the existing dimensions intact while increasing the capacity of the accumulators. You could have a 10% increase over current batteries. Either way, this is a rumor that should be taken with a “pinch of salt.”

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