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Samsung Galaxy S22: exit, the Exynos Chips?

Galaxy S22 Exynos Chips

Things are moving at Samsung! Usually, the Korean firm equips its Galaxy S series smartphones, intended for the European market, with Exynos chips. However, according to new rumors, the manufacturer has changed strategy by equipping its Galaxy S22 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 processors, for all markets.

Until now, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC has been reserved for the US market, with Asia and Europe benefiting from smartphones equipped with Exynos chips. However, according to the words of a former employee of Samsung, relayed by Let’s Go Digital, All Galaxy S22 series phones will be equipped with Qualcomm chipsets.

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 Galaxy S22 Exynos Chips: does the Galaxy S22 sound the death knell for the idyll?

According to Super Roader, a YouTuber and ex-employee of Samsung, the firm was forced to abandon the Exynos chips on its next line of smartphones, dissatisfied with the performance of the 2200 models. American market, smartphones would thus be delivered with Qualcomm SoCs in Asia and Europe.

We must now wait for Qualcomm’s Tech Summit on November 30 to find out the details of the Snapdragon 898. If rumors are true, the future of Exynos chips will be uncertain: but is the Korean market ready to accept a chip American? The question remains unresolved.

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Of the Galaxy S22, we have already seen some unofficial photos, when other leaks have revealed a new arrangement of the photosensors. Recently, we learned that the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked conference which will officially lift the veil on these new smartphones would be held on February 8, 2022, and that the commercial launch of the Galaxy S22 would be on February 18… These dates have been confirmed by Super Roader.


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Samsung has not confirmed the details in this regard. However, in the real case, it can be difficult to produce so many chips for the global market, especially due to the ongoing shortage of chips. People like Weissbach and Tron had better leak accuracy. Therefore, I would like to believe the claim made by two predictors. However, nothing is accurate until the company officially confirms the details. It’s better to wait until you hear more about the same thing in the next few weeks.

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Source: Lets’s Go Digital
, WWCFTech

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