Samsung Flex S and Flex G: find out what the future of folding smartphones could be with Samsung

Very active on smartphones foldable screen with its Galaxy z fold
and Galaxy z flip, the Samsung brand presents what may be the future of this market.

For now, at the stage of simple prototypes, foldable screens created by Samsung were presented at CES 2022: the Galaxy Flex G, Flex S, and Flex Note, mainly.

Two-hinged smartphones?

This gently reminds us of the patent recently filed by Microsoft, in which the American company presents a potential smartphone with three screens and therefore three hinges that we will call for the time being the Surface Trio.

We can therefore see Samsung smartphones with three screens, called the Galaxy Flex G. This is not the first time that we hear about this from the Korean brand, since a patent had already been filed in April 2021, but it is obviously very interesting to see these products in pictures. Two models are therefore presented, one of which is much larger than the other. The first has three screens of unequal sizes, creating a sort of mix between Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. The second is neither more nor less than a Z Fold with a third screen, in tablet format.


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In addition to these smartphones, the company presented an equivalent called Flex S. The main difference is that part of the screen remains continuously uncovered, allowing the smartphone or tablet to be used even when closed. The Flex Gs on the other hand cannot be used when they are closed, but the durability of the screens is therefore increased.

Computer and stretch screen

Apart from the screens that could now be considered “classic” when installed on smartphones, Samsung has also unveiled its prototype Flex Note. This is a 17.3 inch OLED screen, which leaves room for a 13 “laptop form factor when closed.


It is quite difficult today to imagine using a foldable screen like a laptop, so writing on a virtual keyboard is not necessarily appreciated. But the point is, Samsung wants to prove that screen size isn’t an issue to make it something foldable.


The last element presented by Samsung is the Flex Slidable, which you can see in the video above. The principle is already known since the Oppo X 2021 already benefits more or less equally. The idea is very simple: by pressing a button, the right side of the smartphone extends a few centimeters.


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So the Korean company has much more than a foldable screen in its bag and it’s little to say that we can’t wait to see how it will integrate its technologies into products for the general public.

Source: Phone Arena

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