Samsung beats Intel in the chip market – and it could stay that way

Samsung beats Intel in the chip market

Samsung Electronics has managed to fight its way back to the top of the global semiconductor market. The company recently overtook Intel and could definitely claim the top spot for itself over the long term.

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Samsung was of course able to benefit much more than Intel from the situation on the global semiconductor market in the second quarter. Because the bottlenecks, which led to massive price increases in various areas, mainly affected chips that Samsung also manufactures, while Intel hardly plays a major role here.

The South Koreans increased their sales in the chip business in the second quarter by 19 percent to 20.20 billion dollars. The vast majority of 19.26 billion dollars was generated with integrated circuits, while Samsung brought in another 1.03 billion dollars with other semiconductor products, such as sensors. This emerges from a report by the market researchers behind The McClean Report.


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Samsung has better cards

Intel, however, was only able to improve its income slightly and ultimately came up with sales of 19.3 billion dollars. The significantly smaller increase was due to the fact that the demand for processors – which are Intel’s most important source of income – was not as strong as in other product categories. In some cases, there is a lack of simpler chips, which are also required for the production of computers and other more complex systems, so that hardware companies rarely get the CPUs they order installed.

At the top of the chip market, there has been a race for the top spot for some time now. However, this indicates that Samsung can prevail. Because Intel is still strong in its traditional area but has failed for years to conquer new boom areas. Samsung, on the other hand, supplies chips to many market segments in which the use of semiconductors will be even more pronounced in the future.

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