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Samsung: Android update even faster in the future?

Samsung speed up Android update

Samsung is becoming more and more a model student when it comes to Android update for its Galaxy smartphones. Now they are obviously planning a change of strategy, which could ensure even faster updates, at least in Europe.

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  • According to a report, Samsung plans to dispense with country-specific versions of firmware updates in Europe
  • The Europe-wide uniform code is already to be used in the Galaxy S22 series, the Galaxy A53, A33 and A13

The smartphone giant Samsung is increasingly becoming the industry leader when it comes to Android update. In 2021, it was announced that it would not only provide Android updates for three years, but also offer security updates for many models for four years. And now Samsung users in Europe can hope for faster updates.


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Uniform firmware for Europe

As reported by Galaxy Club, Samsung has restructured its update policy and would like to do without the CDC firmware (Country Specific Code) in favor of a uniform code for Europe (EUX). We are currently struggling with the fact that an update is already being distributed in other European countries, but we often have to wait weeks.

NextPit Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 display fold
With the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung is already using the EUX code / © NextPit

For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned here that Samsung has already started in this direction with the first devices. Starting with the Galaxy A52 and followed by the foldables Galaxy Flip 3 and Galaxy Fold 3, the company has already relied on this uniform firmware.

So now you want to expand this course significantly and all upcoming models – the report mentions the new Galaxy models of the A and S class – to switch to the uniform EUX code. Galaxy Club was able to verify this at least for the S22 series as well as for the A13, A33 and A53.

The advantage of this standardization is obvious: If Samsung does not have to work country-specifically, it saves time – and we benefit from faster updates. Bottom line, that could speed things up beyond Europe as well, with fewer staff tied to too many firmware releases.

Are we really getting faster updates?

Time will tell. The European updates to Android 12 were delivered a little later for Samsung’s foldables than in other regions. This may be due to the fact that the new system still has to get used to it – or that Samsung checks it more thoroughly before rolling out the updates to a large number of users at once.

At Sam Mobile they have another exciting thought. There it says:

Additionally, reducing the number of CSC firmware versions could allow customers in more countries to participate in early beta programs for future updates.

More participants in the beta programs would mean a greater likelihood of being able to find and eliminate any bugs more quickly. This also suggests that Samsung could increase the pace of future updates to its OneUI. It should be fine with us!


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What do you think of Samsung’s course? Are the South Koreans on the right track with this, or do you struggle with the update policy? Tell us in the comments.

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