Home Entertainment Sami Zayn defeated Jimmy Uso on Monday Night RAW

Sami Zayn defeated Jimmy Uso on Monday Night RAW

Sami Zayn defeated Jimmy Uso on Monday Night RAW

Sami Zayn and Jimmy Uso clashed in a one-on-one match on the latest episode of RAW: here’s what happened.

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The Underdog from the Underground has now become the priority target of Roman Reigns and the Bloodline, given that as we well know by now he managed to make Jey Uso lose the proverbial straight path, who seems to have begun to question the ways of making of the stable and the leadership of the Tribal Chief.

Reigns then put Jimmy Uso in charge of Zayn.

Sami Zayn’s victory

The clash between  Jimmy Uso and  Sami Zayn was the heartfelt main event of the last episode of RAW, where in the end  Jey Uso also showed up in the finale. It was the Underdog from the Underground who took the win, while in the post-match Jey seemed to be right on his side Of him.

This was revealed to be just a tactic, as Jey super-kicked Zayn and then savagely attacked him along with Jimmy and Solo SikoaShortly after, Cody Rhodes arrived and put the Bloodline three to flight.

Jey and Sami exchanged glances before hugging at ringside. Sami could be heard saying that Jimmy still has time. To the surprise of the audience, Jey then super-kicked Sami in the face. Sami was then triple-teamed by Jimmy, Jey, and Solo before Cody Rhodes came out to make the save.

There was a backstage segment earlier in which Cody could be seen talking to Kevin Owens, seemingly trying to talk sense into him, in an easter egg that many fans may have missed. This was an excellent segment that everyone should watch.

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