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Samantha Weinstein, interpreter of ‘Alias ​​Grace’ and ‘Carrie’, dies at the age of 28

Samantha Weinstein, interpreter of 'Alias ​​Grace' and 'Carrie', dies at the age of 28

This may 14 died in Toronto, at Princess Margaret Hospital, Samantha Weinstein. A TV-based performer with occasional movie breaks, Weinstein had been diagnosed with a little-studied variant of ovarian cancer in 2021, battling the disease ever since. He has passed away at the age of 28, as his family has confirmed on Instagram: “After two and a half years of treatment and a lifetime traveling the world, giving voice to many cartoon animals, making music, and knowing more about the life of what most people will never know, is going to your next adventure”.

In 2022 Weinstein published a text talking about his experience with cancer, in addition to detailing his wedding with Michael Knutson and his coming out of the closet as a person of non-binary gender. Weinstein had started out as a child actress in the early 2000s, appearing on the series The Reed Green Snowand soon began to stand out as a dubbing interpreter in several animated series, also based in Canada: this is the case of Dino Ranch, Kingdom Force either The ZhuZhus. At one point he started playing guitar with his music group, Killer Virgins.

In 2017 he appeared in a telefilm, angry angelin addition to being Effie in AKA Graceacclaimed miniseries that adapted the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood. Weinstein’s appearances in the cinema were few, although it should be noted that in 2013 he took part in Carrie. This new adaptation of the novel by Stephen Kingwhich starred Chloë Grace Moretzhad Weinstein with a secondary role while Heather, one of the protagonist’s classmates.

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