Samadhi Zendejas denied romance with Yolanda Andrade: “I don’t like women”

Yolanda Andrade and Samadhi Zendejas attended JC Chávez’s 60th birthday party together (Photo: Instagram)

For some months there has been a rumor in the middle of the show, and it is that it is Yolanda Andrade who has raised strong suspicions to be living a relationship with the actress Samadhi Zendejas.

The fans of both celebrities have been in charge of paying attention to the suspicious closeness they have had in recent months. And it is that according to the account LoveMontseyJoe, Yolanda would have been crushed by the actress who became Jenni Rivera in the series neighborhood butterfly.

Since that meeting in which the 27-year-old actress came as a guest to the forum of Montse & Joein 2020, the two famous people began to be seen together in different events, where their closeness and compatibility has been evident.

This is what the actress looked like "Jenni Rivera" (Photo: File)
This is what the actress looked like “Jenni Rivera” (Photo: File)

In addition, users claim that in an Instagram video of Samadhi, where the young woman appears dancing in her room, you can see a message written on a piece of paper. “Success with your new project. I love you with my life”; Andrade’s fans have assured that it is the same block letter of the driving partner of Montserrat Oliver.

But soon the rumors would rise to a higher level, because last July, to celebrate his 60th birthday, the boxer Julio César Chávez organized an exclusive party at the Campo Marte casino in Mexico City.

The event was attended by great personalities from the entertainment and sports world, and Yolanda Andrade could not miss it, because She has been a great friend for years. of the successful Mr. Knockout.

Samadhi Zendejas is currently part of "The Devil
Samadhi Zendejas is currently part of “The Devil’s Woman” (Photo: Instagram@samadhiza)

In this celebration where Edith Márquez sang and figures such as Angelique Boyer attended, accompanied by Sebastián Rulli, Armando Hernández, Mauricio Sulaimán, Miguel Cotto, Érik Morales, jackie Nava and barbie Juarez, Yolanda Andrade was accompanied by Samadhiso that was his “+1″.

Being the special guest of the host of unicable, and appear very happy, the rumors of an alleged love relationship between them intensified. When the photographs and videos of the celebration came to light, a clip went viral and other videos began to emerge noting that Samadhi and Yolanda are girlfriends.

In one of the recordings it is noted that the actress and businesswoman felt a bit uncomfortable and even jealous of the proximity between Julio César Chávez and the driver of Televisa.

The boxer celebrated his sixth decade big (Photo: Instagram/@jcchavez115)
The boxer celebrated his sixth decade big (Photo: Instagram/@jcchavez115)

But it has been now, in a recent meeting with the press, that Zendejas denied that between her and Andrade there is something more than a friendship. To make it clear how she was among the exclusive guests of Chávez’s celebration, she expressed:

“I am a great lover of boxing, Yolanda is one great friend of the family and he had the detail to invite meYou already know that I am a lover of boxing. I cannot say anything, she is a great woman for me”.

When questioned frontally if she would be willing to form a couple with the controversial 50-year-old presenter, she responded:

“No, the truth is that no, I am a person who would not have a relationship like that, I do not like women. The truth is that I am a girl who is straight and I’m very happy about that, and nothing”, she claimed, “we’re just friends, and that she invite me again (to a party)”.

Yolanda has not commented on dating rumors (Photo: Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco)
Yolanda has not commented on dating rumors (Photo: Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco)

After his role in neighborhood butterflyZendejas is back, now with the series the devil womanof the platform vixstarring the actors José Ron and Carolina Miranda and including performances by José Pablo Minor, Jonathan Islas, Alejandro Calva, Adriana Louvier, Carolina Miranda, Mónica Dionne and Samadhi Zendejas under the direction of Carlos Andres and Cock Marin.

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