Sale watcher: Hekka is also selling the Xiaomi 12T and the Pro

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By now, both “T-models” have been on our test table, the 12T and 12T Pro have also passed the test. As usual, the final outcome of the test largely depends on the price of the product, and in this case,’s offer gives a new perspective. The two devices can be discounted with a coupon code, shipping is free after placing in the cart, and manages and covers the customs costs.


The more affordable Xiaomi 12T is available in two packages, the 8/128 GB model costs 418 euros, and the 8/256 version costs 438 euros, these prices are MI12T we can reach you with a coupon code. Based on our test today, the 12T is a balanced device with decent hardware, a great display and main camera, lightning-fast charging, and a long operating time.


The 12T Pro (available here) offers a little more in all respects, and the price is accordingly higher, but the MI12TPRO with a coupon code you can also carve nicely here. Here, the basic model is 8/256 GB, with a coupon price of 538 euros, the larger version is 12/256 GB, and the discounted price is 578 euros in this case. According to the manufacturer’s promise, these Xiaomi phones will receive Android updates for three years.

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