Sale monitor: regular-sized e-bikes and popular scooters are on sale

The Navee N65 has already been mentioned here in the campaign watch column, as the scooter created with crowdfunding is quite popular. At the beginning of the summer, it was still available at a price of 600 euros, but as the colder weather approaches, Tomtop has reduced it to 550 euros as part of a clearance sale.


The vehicle, equipped with a 500-watt motor and rolling on 10-inch wheels, is powered by a 12.5 Ah battery, which promises a range of 65 kilometers under ideal conditions. An important point of the product’s features is that it is designed for a load capacity of 120 kilograms, which is slightly more than what an average scooter offers, it is made of trepni magnesium alloy in the name of durability, and it is also 17 centimeters wide, so that you can really comfortably rest both of your feet on it.


The two-component brake (disc brake on the rear wheel and E-ABS, which uses the engine’s resistance) and the front and rear lights also help with safety, the maximum speed is 25 km/h according to EU standards, but the strong thanks to the engine, going uphill is no problem either. Of course, there is a display on the steering wheel, which shows the most important information, and the collapsibility and portability is further helped by the fact that not only the steering rod tilts back, but also the two horns can be folded down, so that it does not take up much space at the edge, in this case its width is just over 20 centimeters .


Another promotion of the online store also concerns an already known product, the Bezior M1 electric bicycle. Therefore, they are currently asking for 730 euros, the machine with 27.5 inch wheels is a normal-sized bicycle, where the electric drive is indicated by the battery mounted on the frame. The bike, which is available in white and black, has a 250-watt motor, front and rear disc brakes, IP54 protection, and a 12.5 Ah battery, with which, with a little care, you get an assisted range of 80 kilometers, and the system supports speeds of up to 25 km/h. our pedaling, because this is the maximum of the European regulation.


With the use of the seven-speed Shimano gearbox, the motor helps even when winding up a 35-degree incline, the load capacity is 120 kilograms, according to the manufacturer, the charging time is 5-6 hours, for which the battery can also be removed so that you don’t have to carry the whole bike up to the apartment. The front light is standard, the front telescopic fork is also standard, and the level of assistance can be adjusted in five steps using the on-board unit mounted on the steering wheel.

Both products are delivered free of charge from the European warehouse by Tomtop. The Navee N65 page is here and the Bezior M1 interface is here.

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