Sakura: the 5 best anime character cosplays

Sakura Haruna is, for sure, a of the most famous anime characters🇧🇷 Baptized as Haruno, Sakura Uchiha is a character in the franchise Naruto and was created by Masashi Kishimoto. She is a kunoichi affiliated with the village of Konoha and is part of the team with Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi.


Known especially for her pink hair, Sakura Haruna is one of the most loved characters by fans of the genre and has been portrayed countless times. Throughout the article, we have separated some of the cosplays that most do justice to the character for you to be inspired by.

After all, cosplay is an important part of anime culture and, more and more, breathtaking productions are created. Without further ado, let’s check out our favorites?

See the 5 best Sakura Haruna cosplays

5 – Alena



Russian cosplayers Alena and Alexandra made one of the best cosplays when dressing up as Sakura and Sarada, i.e. mother and daughter. Although the cosplay does not include the characters’ original costumes, the details present in the production are impressive.

In addition to Sakura, Alena has published several other anime cosplays, such as Rin, Tsunade, Kaguya, Temari, Kushina and Ino.

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4 – Alex


Meanwhile, cosplayer Alexy Sky was inspired by a version of Sakura with her short hair. Early on in the series, she needs a haircut and the moment represents her personal development. So it is not surprising that many cosplayers are inspired by this version.

The production shows what Sakura would look like in the real world and deserves to be featured on our list!

3 – Kleiner Pixel

After the war, Sakura became one of the most powerful warriors and honed her skills to an incredible extent. This extremely powerful phase of hers was successfully portrayed in a cosplay created by artist Kleiner Pixel.

The characterization is worthy of any live-action and caught the attention of anime fans. The artist is known for her cosplays and it’s worth checking out her Instagram page.

2 – Sakuravee

Known especially for the character’s cosplays, the artist Sakuravee from Instagram created a version of Sakura Haruno that demonstrates all her talent in the art of transforming into characters. She is Brazilian and has a consolidated name in the market, so it’s worth checking out her work!

With more than 18 thousand followers, the artist conquers fans with impressive details that portray the sweetness and power of the character!

1 – mmmaniaaa

Last but definitely not least, the Chinese cosplayer known on Instagram as mmmaniaaaa also created her version of Sakura Haruno from Naruto Shippuden, in a realistic way. She chose to portray a defining moment of the character in the anime.

This is the moment when Sakura needs to heal Naruto during the ninja war and, for that, she needs all her strength. The details impress from the costumes, to the makeup and the production of the photo, which portrays all the strength of Sakura.

In addition to the cosplays portrayed here, hundreds of fans of Naruto Shippuden recreate your favorite anime moments and bring portraits of what these characters would look like in real life. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the best artists on the internet so you can be inspired!

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