Saitama vs Goku: who wins this unforgettable battle?

Here’s the question that doesn’t want to shut up among anime fans. After all, who is the most powerful between Saitama vs Goku? Who would win in a one-on-one fight?

This question always comes up due to the fact that both are extremely strong in their anime, and almost no opponent seems to have a chance against them.

Our analysis raises some points into consideration, but first it is necessary to briefly know the history of each character. So check it out now!

From one side of the ring, get to know Goku’s characteristics

He is certainly the best known character in our comparison. Holder of numerous transformations, the powers of the protagonist of the franchise Dragon Ball they are always in constant evolution through arduous fights against superior enemies, as seen in the most recent saga, against Beerus and Jiren.

This constant is only possible thanks to his race, the Saiyan – which makes him one of the most powerful beings in the anime universe. Furthermore, Goku currently has powers equal to those of the gods and seems not to have reached his limit.

On the other, check out Saitama’s personality

In the opposite corner of the corner, Saitama — the main character of the anime One-Punch Man —, has a simpler origin: he is an ordinary human being, who obtained his powers after carrying out an immense training of 3 years duration.

After that, Saitama saw his hair fall out, but he also saw his punch become the most powerful in the universe. The hero can eliminate any enemy (anyone) with just one blow. The character is so flat that he gets bored for lack of challenge.

No one has a chance against Saitama’s punch from One-Punch ManSource: Reproduction

And who would win the battle between Saitama vs Goku?

First of all, it is necessary to point out that Saitama never had his power completely explored in One-Punch Man🇧🇷 Despite this limitation, there was never an opponent to match him, as the fight was always resolved with just one devastating punch.

Although the character owns a deadly blow, Goku manages to go much further in the evolution of his powers and abilities. After all, the Saiyan is able to fly, teleport, among other special skills that put him at an advantage over his opponent, mainly because of the Superior Instinct transformation – responsible for making him overcome unimaginably more powerful enemies.

This special level reached by him makes his body dodge any blow with tremendous ease. As there are no parameters to measure how powerful Saitama’s punch is, it would be enough for Goku to strive not to be hit by a destructive blow from the Z City superhero, dodging the attacks and using long-distance energy blasts to protect himself. .

Goku during Ultra Instinct transformationGoku during Ultra Instinct transformationSource: Reproduction

In the case of taking a hit from Saitama, however, the story could be different and it is not known for sure how damaging the blow would be against Goku.

Per One-Punch Man this is a parody of S animehounen Jump – responsible for the animations of this comparison, in addition to others, such as bleach and one piece 🇧🇷 it is possible that the Saiyan lost the fight instantly.

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Thus, practically obligatorily, Goku must fight using Superior Instinct, most likely he will have extra chances of winning against Saitama, if he is not hit.

Using other transformations, however, remains a mystery, considering the protagonist’s current level of One-Punch Manwhich can evolve further over the course of new seasons.

Bonus: Get a taste of what the fight between the two would be like

A video produced by the channel specializing in dubbing Mallony Moraes, on YouTube, gives a taste of what it would be like match between Saitava vs Goku, and the result is surprising! Watch right below:

But what about you, what do you think of our comparison? Do you agree with the points raised? In your opinion, who would win between Saitama vs Goku? Be sure to hop on our social media to comment on your theory!

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