Safari: the trick to share several links at the same time

Safari: the trick to share several links at the same time

Safari is probably one of the Applications that most users use Mac, iPhone either iPad. East Web navigator badge Manzanalike many other apps, has hidden shortcuts or tips that are usually triggered by tapping and holding an item.

These types of shortcuts are often not explained or documented by Apple so it is up to the user to discover them. In this case, TechMarkup brings a little trick to be able to share links from several websites at the same time. That is, send to another application all the links of all the windows that are open. It is very simple to do it.

This way you can share several links of the windows that are open in Safari

This little tutorial will solve the problem of having to copy and paste links from open web pages. Instead, they will all be copied to the clipboard of the device for easy sharing. You have to follow these steps:

1. Open Safari.

2. If you have more than one window open, press the button with which you will access the windows view.

3. In the windows view, at the bottom, press the option shows all the windows that are open (if you have 3 tabs open, you can read ‘3 tabs v’)

3. Click on Edit.

4. In the bar where the windows appear, click on the three points.

5. Touch the option Copy links.

And ready. The links of the windows that are open in Safari will be copied to the clipboard and can now be pasted anywhere. Whether in a chat WhatsAppprivate message from Instagram or in a personal note.

Other useful shortcuts for Safari

1. Automatic tab closing

The pages you open in Safari keep growing until the browser is filled with dozens of open tabs. With iOS, iPad OS 15 and macOS, you can set a certain time to automatically close all open tabs.

Anger Settinglater Safari and finally close tabs to configure the tabs. Thus, you can choose to close them manually or automatically, after a day, a week or a month.

2. Private browsing

If you don’t want Safari to keep track of websites you visit, search history, or AutoFill information you enter, the incognito mode hide this information. To activate it, follow these steps:

– Touch the tab icon in the bottom right corner of Safari.

– then play Private

– Now touch the icon to open a new page.

You can exit private mode by opening the tab screen, selecting Private and then playing Ready.

3. Check reused passwords

One of the hidden tricks of the Safari browser on an iPhone, iPad and Mac is that you can see the passwords stored in iCloud. Apple using Safari can recommend changing one or another password, as they have been reused for multiple information credentials.

To verify this, go to Settinglater passwords and finally Security tips. A specific entry can then be tapped to remove or change the password.

4. Use Split Screen (Available on iPad and Mac)

You can do more in Safari with iPad and Mac multitasking: perform two tasks at the same time sharing screen.

To view two web pages at once, open two applications (can be Safari or another) and then drag one to the right of the screen until it opens in the format of ‘Split Screen’.

The second window can then be repositioned so that both pages are in views separated by a vertical bar that can be drag left or right to change the width of each window.