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Safari may soon support web push notifications on iPhone

Safari web push notifications

In view of the first beta of iOS 15.4, a much-awaited feature from some users of Safari might be coming soon…

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If Mac devices already allow you to be alerted to notifications directly from the Apple browser, this is not yet possible from the Safari version of our smartphones. A lack that could well be corrected soon if we refer to the beta of iOS 15.4.

Web Push notifications soon on Safari?

It was developer Maximiliano Firtman who shared the information: the deployment of the iOS 15.4 beta to professionals tells us that the apple brand is working on a feature to receive push notifications, directly from the Safari version of your mobile device.

Indeed, the “Built-In Web Notifications” and “Push API” options have appeared in the application settings, although it is still impossible to activate them. Note that this would concern both devices running iOS and those running iPadOS.


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In summary, with the arrival of push notifications on Safari for Web applications, sites would be able to alert different iPhone and iPad users in a simple and instantaneous way. iOS 15.4 should land next spring, but we don’t yet know if this new feature embedded in Apple’s browser will arrive on our mobile devices on this occasion. This will require an official confirmation from Apple. One thing is certain, we will keep you informed!

PWAs would be one step closer to being a viable alternative to native applications if Safari on iOS included notification functionality. On iOS and iPadOS, the business appears to be concentrating on enhancing the PWA experience. According to Maximiliano’s assessment, this beta also contains improved support for PWA Home Screen icons.

It’s unclear when or if Apple will make alerts available in Safari for iOS. We can only hope to see it sooner rather than later, as it has been a long time coming. However, the business is certainly attempting to improve Safari. Firtman’s report on all of the changes he identified in this beta can be seen on his website.

Source: xda-developers

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