Ryan Gosling sings an eighties classic in this unreleased scene from ‘Barbie’

After being crowned the movie of the summer, Barbie plans to continue giving us surprises. Without going any further, the film Greta Gerwig with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling now returns to US screens in Imax after a triumphant run around the world.

As an incentive for the public to pay their ticket again, screenings of the film in this format include deleted scenes and outtakes. Most of them are still circulating as mere rumors, but one of them (whose video is already circulating on social networks) makes one wonder why Gerwig decided to remove it from the final cut.

What is it about? Well of Ken of Gosling marking a version of Girls Just Want To Have Fun, the eighties classic Cindy Lauper. Just with a few changes.

Instead of repeating “Girls just want to have fun,” Ken changes the lyrics to Boys Just Wanna Have Fun, which allows us to guess that the scene occurred before the doll discovered about the patriarchy and the horses. As for his voice, his partner’s little dance and Margot Robbie’s frightened face… Well, better to see them to believe them.

Other possible surprises from the IMAX edition of Barbie include a parody of Shark starring Allan (Michael Cera), supposedly so funny that it disarmed the director herself. Also, there are rumors about a lost cameo from Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead although it is better not to believe the latter at face value for now.

For now, Barbie can boast of having been a financial bombshell with 1.42 billion dollars raised worldwide. Likewise, it remains to be seen his record in the awards season, which may break the usual curse of comedies when it comes to handing out awards.

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