Ryan Gosling: “I loved action movies, it’s probably what made me want to work in film”

Ryan Gosling: "I loved action movies, it's probably what made me want to work in film"

Ryan Gosling plays Court Gendry in the new Netflix movie and the Russo brothers.

He worked in almost all genres, but his arrival at Netflix it could be one of the great projects of his career, at least from his personal experience: “I have wanted to make an action movie since I was a child. I really loved them and that’s probably what made me want to work in film. Since then, I’ve been in movies that have action, but I’ve never done a full action movie, so this was very exciting.” Ryan Gosling in conversation with TechMarkup before the premiere of the gray manhis new movie.

He was in The young Hercules, television production at the end of the 90s, he participated in some crime films such as deadly calculationstarring Sandra Bullock, but it was not until Diary of a passion that Ryan he became a Hollywood star. From there, she began to get leading roles and better opportunities. She participated in suspense films and thrillers as well as romantic comedies. starred Perfect Crime with Anthony Hopkins and then Lars and the Real Girl by Craig Gillespiecruel), but then came another of his high points, the romantic drama BlueValentine with michelle williams. If he continued on that path, he had a career guaranteed for decades, but Ryan always liked to take risks and most of the time it worked out for him.

“The Gray Man” is the original title of this film. (Netflix)

then appeared Driveanother career challenge, a thriller from Nicolas Winding Refn that meant the recognition of the critic; Crazy and stupid love, Antigangster force and many others, but it was not until La La Land which was once again on everyone’s lips. Award nominated film Oscar that won the statuette for best film even if it was for a few minutes, due to a card error. However, that movie set fire to the careers of Gosling Y Emma Stone. In it, the actor played a jazz pianist in love with an actress, but his performance also transpired because Gosling learned to play the piano brilliantly in a few months to prepare for the film.

He is not an actor who is satisfied with reading the script, getting to the set and doing his job, he wants challenges and told what was the risk of taking the role of Court Gendrythe protagonist of the gray man: “The action, without a doubt, was the most challenging. He had never done anything like that.” But he was also interested in sharing the full experience and what surprised him about the unfolding of the film: “In most movies in the genre there are like four or five action scenes and in this movie there are nine, so I thought this was normal. But the Russo brothers and everyone on set was like moving all the time because of the incredible amount of action in this thing. I think it was a challenge for everyone, but especially for me because I had never done it. It was just all very physical and it was a completely different way of doing scenes and communicating this character through action.”

Ryan Gosling as Court Gendry.  (Paul Abell/Netflix)
Ryan Gosling as Court Gendry. (Paul Abell/Netflix)

Ryan Gosling plays a CIA assassin who was recruited while serving time in prison. His way out of it was to get into this top-secret black ops unit made up of various “grey men” who operate in the shadows. Sent on a mission, he discovers that his employers have several secrets and seizes the opportunity to take away a medallion with a chip that contains evidence that would complicate his own agency. To catch him they send the worst of assassins: Lloyd Hansen. That is Chris Evans with a mustache and pretty clothes to the body. In the middle, Dani Miranda (Anne of Arms), another agent, must choose a side to fight for.

“I accepted the role partly because of my character. I thought he was unique in the genre because he’s a spy who doesn’t want to be a spy. He never wanted to be a spy. He never had any romantic ideas about his role and got out of prison to do this job. It was this or jail, so he’s still kind of a prisoner. And every situation he finds himself in is like an opportunity for him to live a little while he is destined to die. So he’s trying to live a little bit before he dies.” Gosling about one of the reasons why he said yes to star The Gray Man adding, “I thought that made it unique and compelling to play.”

Ryan is not an actor who is satisfied with reading the script, arriving on set and doing his job.  (Netflix)
Ryan is not an actor who is satisfied with reading the script, arriving on set and doing his job. (Netflix)

About the other reason that motivated him to accept this role were the directors: “The Russo brothers (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Infinity War), they have simply directed these movies for the last decade, the truth is that I felt very lucky to be able to work on this with them, ”Gosling remarked that he would be about to accept a role in one of the Marvel Studios movies, where the Russos are. They served for more than 10 years. “I couldn’t work with two people who have more experience in this genre. They’ve been making movies on this scale for years, so I knew I was in good hands.” Barbie in 2023.

Ryan knows that until this moment, more than 25 years into his career, he had never had such an opportunity and he enjoys it. Of course he has other very good movies like two dangerous guysof incredible chemistry with Russell Crowe; the big bet, first-manin which he played Neil Armstrong, and the science fiction piece, blade runner 2049. In his career he did everything, but he still had to settle this pending debt with the Ryan who dreamed of being a movie star with pure explosion, chases and gunshots, something that is seen in large quantities in this week’s premiere of Netflix.

Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans at the premiere of the film in Los Angeles.  (REUTERS/David Swanson)
Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans at the premiere of the film in Los Angeles. (REUTERS/David Swanson)

the gray man premieres today, Friday, July 22, at Netflix.