Rupture: Season 2 of the Apple TV+ series begins filming; see photo!

Through the official Instagram account of actress Britt Lower, it was possible to discover that the filming of the 2nd season of Break (Severance, in the original) have already started on Apple TV+. The artist took advantage of her dressing up to relive the character of Helly in the series and photographed the mirror, sharing the image via Stories.


You can check out the photo below!

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Created by Dan Erickson, with Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle directing the episodes, the production arrived in February this year for streaming. With a weekly distribution, little by little, word of mouth made interest in the show gradually increase. According to Apple TV+, it is one of the most watched series on its platform so far.

In the cast, in addition to Lower, it is possible to find Adam Scott as Mark, John Turturro as Irving, Dichen Lachman as Ms. Casey, Zach Cherry as Dylan, Tramell Tillman as Milchick, Christopher Walken as Burt and Patricia Arquette as Harmony.

Break: Learn more about the Apple TV+ sci-fi thriller



With a plot full of dynamism and many mysteries, from the first episode, Ruptura is able to hook viewers. The narrative focuses on employees at a company called Lumen Industries who agree to participate in a social experiment, in which their personal and professional memories are separated.

Therefore, every time they enter the company, they do not remember anything that has been happening in their lives and vice versa. However, with this procedure, employees gradually realize that the company seems to be hiding several dark secrets.


According to productionlist.comhands-on work with filming Season 2 of the Apple TV+ sci-fi thriller is expected to continue through May 2023, both in New York and New Jersey.

Thus, considering that the episodes will still go through the finalization process, it is quite possible that fans will only watch these news until the end of next year.

(Apple TV+/Playback)(Apple TV+/Playback)Source: Apple TV+

It is worth noting that Helly, whose name outside Lumen’s facilities is Helena Eagan, daughter of Jame Eagan (Michael Siberry), the company’s CEO, ended season 1 with numerous pending conflicts.

She, who is introduced during the first scene of the pilot episode, reportedly chose to participate in the experiment as a way of showing the world how it could be legalized on a broader level.

What will happen? Stay tuned for all the news!

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