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Rumors about the Galaxy S23 FE are not dying down

Rumors about the Galaxy S23 FE are not dying down

Contrary to its name two generations ago, the Galaxy S21 FE is only a one-year-old phone, and although it was difficult to place in the market at the time of its release, just before the Galaxy S22, its Snapdragon chip proved to be much more viable than the problematic Exynos 2200, and with good deals many of our readers piqued his interest. Samsung may also assign the role of the affordable flagship device to the Galaxy S22 FE / S23 FE (the phone is referred to by both names), but it has not been launched yet, so the rumors remain.

With time and good deals, the S21 FE has become one of the best choices at the bottom of the top category [+]

The good news (if it’s authentic): the S23 FE is not only being produced, but is also planning to use the good Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 instead of one of the Exynos chips, which can be an immediate advantage compared to last year’s top models, and it is expected that Samsung will be able to position it there in terms of price. but at least below the extremely expensive starter S23. However, not all intelligence information should be taken as cash: the same source denied the production of the S23 FE in December, but it is quite possible that a model with Exynos was planned, which really did not come at the beginning of the year, and the current one is the result of a new concept, which will obviously arrive later .

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