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Rubén Tuesta, the Kiko impersonator who has almost 3 million followers on Kwai

Ruben Toast is a successful argentinian impersonator what is to be achieved 3 million followers on kuwai, almost the same amount of population as there is in the City of Buenos Aires. With 23 years of age, The young man shares advice for anyone who wants to be a content creator.


Kwai is the platform where the young actor became known and gradually increased his popularity, reaching 2.8 million followers. In your account goes up humorous short videoswhere he imitates Kiko from the popular Mexican series The Chavo of 8.

In an interview that the young man gave to the platform, he points out that since he was little he liked to be the center of attention, because at family gatherings he placed himself in the middle of everyone wearing a wig to try to make everyone laugh.


“I felt happy when they applauded me or when I invited my cousins ​​to play the circus at my house. I would hang a sheet end to end and make like it was my circus curtain,” she recalled. Tuesta said that he did not like video game consoles and going out to play soccer. “I was the weirdo who asked for a microphone or clown shoes for birthdays”.

Although he is close to reaching 3 million followers on Kwai, his success was not immediate. At the beginning he started uploading short videos doing imitations of approximately 15 Cartoon among which Homer Simpson and Mickey Mouse stood out.


He assured that his imitation cartoon videos attracted people’s attention but did not stand out, since there were already many similar ones, so he felt like “one more”, so he chose to venture into another type of imitation, one in the that he was the main character.

Kiko’s character was one with which he stood out the most, since he had the necessary costume and makeup to do it. That is how he decided to start recording himself playing this character in different situations of everyday life or using a fragment of the famous comic series by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

seeing that this formula was giving him more visits and followers, he focused on only uploading videos with his Kiko character and left out its other options, thereby attracting more users.


“I am an actor and I want to stand out apart from imitating Kiko, that’s why I decided to create more characters and make content just by myself, that is, look for the character’s relatives and I created his father, his mother, his brother and his uncle”, said.

His tips for standing out in Kwai are:

See content from others to get inspired and create a more successful one for the audience: “Seeing other people’s content helped me create my own content.”

– It is best to use neutral language so that everyone understands the joke and identifies with the situation: “When making the script for the videos, I always think that they will not only watch it in Argentina, but also in other countries.”

don’t worry so much for the followers that you must have and pay more attention to instinct as well as doing what you are passionate about: “If you do what you are passionate about and you like it, there is nothing to worry about”.

Look on the positive side of things and focus on constructive or supportive feedback: “Becoming known for talent and skill is what makes you proud and makes you keep making videos.”

Finally, the imitator said that: “I let myself be carried away a bit by the future, as one works things always appear within the platform, it is important thinking that continuing to work means growing and acquiring more resources”.

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