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RRR: Meet the Indian movie on Netflix that is doing well

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India’s film industry, better known as Bollywood, has always enjoyed enormous popularity in the country. Videos shot from inside local movie theaters show audiences thrilling to the films the way audiences around the world thrill to superhero movie screenings.

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Until then, the presentation of these films was always very restricted to the country. However, with the arrival of streaming services, distribution to other countries became easier and viewers increased significantly. Proof of this is the critical and audience success RRR.

The RRR Phenomenon (Uprising, Rebellion, Revolution)

The synopsis of the film directed by SS Rajamouli is as follows:

“A brave warrior on a dangerous mission meets a tough cop serving in the British army in this epic saga set in pre-independence India.”

A tradition of Bollywood films are the crazy action scenes. At one point in the film, to fight the British army, one of the characters releases several wild animals from their cages to attack enemies. Between shootings, fires and animals of all kinds (from bears to wolves) destroying the place, there is still room for man to fight a tiger hand to hand.

It was precisely these “absurd” events that surprised the audience and made the film grow by word of mouth, with viral videos on social networks and even challenges with the theme song of the feature on TikTok. Not just being a cultural phenomenon, the project is very well done and entertains the viewer throughout its duration of 3h5min. In this way, it conquered not only the public, but also the specialized critics.

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

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The project already bagged some awards in the 2023 awards season. Its theme song Naatu Naatu won the Best Original Song award at the Golden Globes and at the Critics Choice Awards, competing with songs by renowned artists such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, the film will not compete for Best Foreign Language Film at the 95th Academy Awards, due to a choice by the Indian film industry itself. However, the film will be able to compete for the Original Song award, and it is speculated that it may even get a place in the grand prize of the night: Best Film.

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