Round 6: Creator says he would like to see Leonardo DiCaprio in the series

Leonardo DiCaprio could join the cast of round 6 in future seasons, revealed Hwang Dong-hyuk. The creator and director of the Netflix series cited the actor as an example of big names in Hollywood that he would like to call to participate in the attraction, in view of a greater budget and popularity of the production.

During a press conference released by the deadlineHwang said that DiCaprio “is a huge fan of the show and we joke that if there is an opportunity we should invite him to join the games.”

It is worth noting that round 6 became the most watched title in the entire history of streaming, a blockbuster and critical that garnered 6 statuettes at the 2022 Emmys. In addition, winners of top industry awards tend to gain more space, resulting in significant budget increase and renewal for more seasons.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Round 6? If it depends on the creator of the series, big Hollywood stars can be called to join the cast.Source: Source: Netflix/Play

Currently, the 2nd season of the show is being scripted, aiming to start shooting next year and release in 2024. Given that the new season will again be set in South Korea, the creator revealed that he has no plans to bring Hollywood actors yet. for the upcoming wave of episodes.

However, “the situation will likely change” if Netflix decides to continue the series for more years. Lee Jung-jae, star of round 6added that a possible Season 3 “will provide more opportunities for talented filmmakers and actresses.”

Speaking about the show’s future, Hwang admitted that he’s “feeling pressure” to maintain the quality level of Season 1, but that it makes him even more motivated to surprise audiences. In this sense, he made an appeal to the press not to disclose leaks about the plot and new games that will be part of the 2nd season.

“I beg you not to write articles about the games, as the public needs to feel the suspense and excitement of what’s to come.” And he joked, “If I get too drunk and start talking too much, I ask you to choke me to stop me from giving spoilers.”

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