Round 6: Actor reveals he is ‘saddened’ by the series’ success; understand

In an interview with The Guardian, actor Lee Jung-jae revealed how he is dealing with the international repercussion after the success of round 6. According to him, a message that was lost in the face of so much praise left him deeply sad and there is no way to ignore a participation in something that does not match the reality experienced by “so many people” in the world.


Awarded an Emmy for Best Actor for playing Seong Gi-hun (Player 456), Jung-jae had the opportunity to comment a little more on the popular dystopian Netflix series.

During the chat, he expressed some controversial emotions towards the show and suggested that a world where humble people kill themselves to survive while chasing a million-dollar prize, as they serve as entertainment for the rich, has not made people think the way they should.

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“I’m happy about it [sucesso da série], of course, but it’s bittersweet. Yes, it’s great that audiences are consuming Korean content all over the world. And they appreciate it. But if you think in the themes of round 6 — how far we are willing to go to accumulate personal wealth; how far people are forced to go — the fact that it resonates with so many around the world is troubling. You get the feeling that this is the reality for so many people across the world. And that makes me very sad.”

“And we had to express the experiences of these characters being pushed to these extremes. Doing that? It was terrible. The prettier the game’s setting was, and the more childish and fun it felt, the more horrible it was for the characters and therefore for us.” like actors.


I think about what happened on that show. It’s impossible not to. And it got me thinking about what I’m not doing. Many of us live unconsciously. It made me rethink how I see the world. I couldn’t,” adds the star.

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What did you think of this statement? believe that really round 6 successful for the wrong reasons? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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