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ROMPE Colombia from Amazon Music: who were the winners of the contest

Afrolegends are the winners of ROMPE Colombia

the grouping afrolegendsfrom the Colombian Pacific has been the winner of the first version of BREAK Colombiaa musical competition organized by Amazon Music to support emerging artists.

The band is made up of Liam V, Sterling Delpa, Flowsiao, Macacunsan (firefighter), Lexi (backing vocals) and Shikiman (dj)who have dedicated themselves to making music since 2019 when they founded Afrolegends, the proposal that aims to make everyone dance to the rhythm of Dancehall mixes with traditional sounds of this Colombian region.

The members of the band affirm that their sticky lyrics narrate the experiences, slang and folklore of the Pacific region. Now that they have won this award, they seek to give more popularity to the movement they call “Pacific Dancehall”.

Liam V, vocalist of the group ensures that “Undoubtedly, with this victory, we will be able to boost our career and take the name of the country to the top of the music scene.”

Afrolegends are the winners of Rompe Colombia
Afrolegends are the winners of Rompe Colombia

This was the trajectory in ROMPE

With a race of more than nine weeks in which more than 100 artists competed to see who was the best, Afrolegends reached the final and now as winners.

yesu prize is to have the support of the American technology company to make itself known in the national and international music industry through marketing plans and editorial content that will be promoted in various media in the country. Likewise, the songs of the group will be included in the playlists of the streaming platform.

The group had the minimum requirements to be part of the contest, they already had a musical career of 3 years and some songs playing on streaming platforms, so they decided to take on the challenge and submit their registration to the contest.

In a second phase of the contest, they went to open voting on the internet where users chose their 15 favorite artists, including Afrolegends. After that they performed live in Cali, Colombia, where they were chosen as the best in that city and finally, they went to Bogotá to be selected as the undisputed winners of this first edition of ROMPE Colombia.

What is ROMPE Colombia

ROMPE is the Colombian version of the project that bears the same name for all of Latin America, although in this case it is in partnership with Shock magazine. In other words, this is the national version of the Amazon project, Rompe for Latin America.

This initiative arises from Amazon’s “Breakthrough” plan to find the best emerging artists from the United States, Latin America and Spain.

Although Afrolegends have been the winners of this first edition, in the “ROMPE Colombia” playlist you will find the songs of other finalists and contestants who also proved to be very talented.


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