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Roman Polanski poses in a photo with Samantha Geimer, the woman he raped

Roman Polanski poses in a photo with Samantha Geimer, the woman he raped

These days Roman Polanski try to find a distributor for The Palace: a film shot in Italy that has a cast with Fanny Ardant, John Cleese either mickey rourke. He cannes film festival refused to show the film for fear of controversy, and now there is a possibility that it will finally see the light of day in Venice. Meanwhile, the figure of the controversial filmmaker has been surrounded by other surprising twists.

recently the magazine Le Point published a conversation between Polanski’s wife, the actress Emmanuelle Seigner (with whom he filmed the venus in fur either The officer and the spyamong others), and one of his victims, the actress and model Samantha Geimer. Geimer was the teenager that Polanski raped in 1977, when she was 13 years old. Faced with the threat of jail, Polanski fled the US, and has not returned since.

Despite Geimer being the spearhead of the accusations against Polanski (four other women have claimed that the director abused them when they were minors), over time he has been reconciling with him. Even confirming that she was raped, she Geimer assured the media that Polanski had apologized to her by letter, and that what she suffered the most at that time was her media harassment. In her conversation with Seigner, therefore, she again defended him.

And, in collusion with the protagonist of Based on a true story, he showed his rejection of the #MeToo movement that has Polanski in its sights. I don’t see what’s feminist about her claim victimhood”, he assured, to qualify what has happened with the director these years. “Let’s be very clear, what happened with Polanski it was never a big problem for me. I didn’t even know it was illegal, that someone could be arrested for it.”

“I was fine, I’m still fine, and for this matter to turn into something bigger it weighs a lot on me. Having to constantly repeat that it wasn’t such a big deal is exhausting.” This interview has been refloated after a publication by Geimer on his Instagram profile, where she appears hugging Polanski. The reconciliation is fully consummated, and Geimer seems to be close to the director right now.

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