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Roku update lets you share photos and customize your screensaver

roku is carrying new updates to its users so that they can personalize their devices, including the photo streams and set one of them as a screen saver.

The news is part of Roku OS 11, which will be released in the coming weeks and will eventually arrive in all regions. In this update it will be allowed change the screensaver to display your own photos or images with Photo Streams.

According to Roku’s statement, Photo Streams will not only allow users to display photos from their desktop or mobile device on Roku, but users will also be able to share Streams with other Roku device owners. Once a Stream is shared, other Roku users will be able to add it, allowing everyone to collaborate on a shared album.

“With Roku OS 11, we are offering a platform with new custom updates on search, audio, content discovery along with a new feature that allows our customers to display and even share photo albums across Roku devices,” said Gidon Katz, senior vice president of product and experience at Roku.

Roku OS 11 will also introduce a new “what to watch on Roku” menu, a personally selected hub added to the home screen menu that will suggest recently released and popular TV, movies.

Other features that Roku is implementing are:

Live TV in the home screen menu– Watch recently viewed live TV content and discover the latest local and national news, sports, movies and more in the Live TV section now located in the home screen menu.

Voice-enabled keyboard– Roku Voice simplifies device setup and channel login for compatible apps by allowing users to enter email, password, and PIN information with their voice. With OS 11, voice-enabled keyboards will be available in Spanish, German and Portuguese in the US and supported countries.

Speech clarity and automatic sound modes: Roku’s new automatic speech clarity setting dynamically identifies and amplifies dialogue.

New sound modes: Standard, Dialogue, Movie, Music and Night which can be selected by pressing the star button * on the Roku remote or through the Roku mobile app.

A/V sync– Expands to compatible audio players and devices with a simple calibration tool within the Roku Mobile app, syncing audio to on-screen action. This feature is available to users with a Streambar player or device connected to the Roku mobile app.

As well the mobile application was updated and now has more visual navigation, according to Roku, highlighting which channels are streaming the content for free or where it can be streamed within existing subscriptions, allowing everyone to get more channels than they are paying for.

The new content details on the mobile app also display visual images of the cast and crew to help the user choose what to watch.

It is expected that Roku OS 11 is implemented in supported Roku streaming players, Roku TV models and peripherals in the coming weeks.


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