Home Android Rogue Six switches to Android 13

Rogue Six switches to Android 13

Rogue Six switches to Android 13

THE ROG focused on Asus gamers Republic of Gamers abbreviation of its product line, which, of course, does not coincidentally sound like the rogue, which means rogue. And the general experience of recent years is that, although quite a few rivals can build great gaming phones, the Asus ROG Phone is the number one mobile of its kind independently, with its dedicated software and accessories. As for the Android 13 update, perhaps because of the extra services and hardware settings, the series was put on the back burner at the manufacturer: the up-to-date Google interface arrived first for the Zenfone 8 and 9 family.

The ROG Phone 6 has also finally switched to Android 13 [+]

However, the software lag is over: ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro now indicate that Android 13 can be installed. settings, system, software update ears can help. Of course, the release may be gradual depending on the region and packaging, so some patience will be required. As for the ROG Phone 6D and Ultimate edition, the installer still has to wait, but it should be up and running by the end of the quarter, which could mean anything from the next few days to the end of March.

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