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Robot rat: this is what it looks like and this it can do

The robotics not only works on replicating human models, but on making animal models. Until now the robot dogs or robodogs have been the most popularare even manufactured for support the United States border police in their patrols. Now it’s the turn of the robot rat.


According to the magazine Very interestinga group of scientists from the Beijing Institute of Technology presented a four-legged robot called SQuRo (small quadrupedal robotic rat). The little robotic rat can crouch, stand, walk, crawl and turn like a real mouse, but also can carry a load of up to 91% of its weight.

The researchers point out that rats have been a key part of many robotics developers. It should be remembered that rodents are distinguished by passing through narrow spaces thanks to their thin bodies and their agility.


During tests with the prototype, the researchers managed to show that this robot rat is capable of obstacles 30 millimeters high (which is 33% of his own height) with a 70 percent success rate. And in one last experiment, he was able to straighten up after falling on his side.

It is trained with two degrees of freedom in each limb, as well as in the head and waist, allowing its spine to move with the same flexibility as real rats.


The robot measures 19 cm long and weighs 220 grams; runs on a rechargeable solar battery that lasts 30 minutes and is remotely controlled via WiFi using a computer or a phone.

“SQuRo can achieve constant locomotion even after carrying a load equivalent to 91% of its own weight, which shows its superior payload carrying capacity compared to small-sized quadruped robots”, the researchers noted in the journal IEEE Transactions on Robotics consulted by Very interesting.

“To our knowledge, SQuRo is the first small quadrupedal robot of this scale that is capable of performing five motion modesincluding bending down to stand up, walking, crawling, turning, and recovering from falls,” added the professor and deputy director of the intelligent robotics institute at the Beijing Institute of Technology.


They point out that the experts that said robot rat could start to be marketed from 2025. In the remaining three years they will continue to work on improving the device, which will include improving agility, installing sensors for field tests in narrow pipes.

“The robot rodents can be sent into the rubble of earthquakes or collapsed buildings where the wreckage forms too narrow a space for rescuers to enter. It can provide emergency rations to people trapped under the rubble of a disaster,” Shi said. The rat robot could withstand all types of weather and terrain conditionsaccording to the Chinese state newspaper People’s Daily.

A robot dog is the sensation

Xiaomi has presented its flagship product at the Mobile World Congress 2022, which could become the future ‘cyber friend’ of people who love canine pets.

While other companies technology showed off their new phones Y devices at their stands, the Chinese company took its novelty for a ride at the MWC. This is his cyberdog, a small (and only 20 kg) futuristic dog-shaped robot.

Its metal and plastic body, with its shiny gray finish, can be uncomfortable to look at when you’re asleep, or resting. Everything changes when he wakes up; Begin to walk, jump a little on its hind legs or get up as if begging for food. You can even do it upside down, as well as ‘give the paw’.


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