Roblox sues youtuber for $ 1.6 million

Roblox is one of the most popular games for Android, iOS, and PC mobiles. It is a role-playing title dedicated to a fairly young audience, where you can enter different rooms with friends to compete in minigames.
Weeks ago, the title went viral after Spanish YouTubers like El Rubius organized a Roblox tournament where participants had to complete the tasks of the Squid Game.But just as there are highly creative content creators to organize tournaments, there are others who use it to attack gamers and developers. Recently, a case of a millionaire lawsuit of the company against a YouTuber came to light.


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As reported by the media Polygon, the company has a complaint to resolve the content creator Benjamin Robert Simon, better known as Ruben Sim. This is because a cyberbullying campaign would have been created.

The player would have been expelled years ago from the title but would have used third-party accounts to continue creating content on YouTube. The sanctions range from racial slurs to homophobes.

Roblox sues youtuber accuse him of ‘posting terrorist threats’ during a developer conference in San Francisco in October this year. According to the company, he would have published a message on Twitter “suggesting the presence of an Islamic extremist being persecuted by the police.”

The event had to be closed temporarily for security reasons and the youtuber should now pay 1.6 million dollars in compensation.


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Roblox sues youtuber of exploiting child labor for profit. In the August documentary, YouTube People MacGames explored how to use beats to make money from platforms to attract new players as developers, though many of them never see the loss of their efforts. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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