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Roblox: practical guide to start on the right foot and become the best gamer

Roblox is a platform video game free online access. It is not a single game but a space where it is possible to generate different virtual worlds that can then be shared with other users.


It is an option that has become very popular in recent times: it has about 200 million active users per month. Its success lies in the wide variety of options, which offers the possibility to give free rein to the imagination.

There are two options for use: one is to play with the games already created (there are a wide variety of options in different modalities) and the other is to join the creation mode through the system called Roblox Studio. From here it is possible to generate different kinds of games.


The creation capacity goes far beyond the possibilities offered by titles like Minecraft, since Roblox allows you to produce completely different games and not just add creation layers always following the same mechanics.

The game is available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Oculus, Xbox One, and Amazon Devices.

1. Register as a user


The first step is to download the game and register as a user. For that you have to enter the official site and follow the steps given there. At the bottom you will see the icons of the different operating systems with which it is compatible and you will have to click on the corresponding one.

2. Enter the home page

Once the game is downloaded and logged in, you enter the main Roblox home screen. There you will see the avatar, a series of available games as well as a menu with a series of options. To enter this menu you have to press on the three horizontal stripes that are in the upper left margin. This will display options such as profile, store, avatar, messages, groups, etc. From here you can manage all those elements.

3. Customize the avatar

If you click on the option Avatar within the mentioned menu You will enter a space where you can modify the clothing, face, hair, expression, etc. of the avatar that will represent the user. Many of these elements are free, but there are others that have a cost that must be paid with the micropayment system that the platform has. This is to access certain accessories or different details, but it is not necessary to pay. The design can be customized using the free options.

4. Enter the games


On the home page you will see a number of featured games. You can enter each of them to see a summary that describes what it is about, the objective, etc. In some cases there is even a video that shows the experience so that the user has more detailed information. Also, you can click on the top margin where it says Discover to see some recommended titles.

5. Create games

As mentioned above, there is an option that is to simply join the games already available on the platform. In this sense, the user simply accesses the wide variety of available catalogs and adds the desired option. The other option is to design your own games by entering Roblox Studio. For that you have to click on the Create option on the home page.

This option is listed in the top margin. Doing this will enter Roblox Studio. is pressed “start creating” and follow the indicated steps. The system will guide the user so that he can produce his creations. It begins by choosing the base of the game and then layers of customization are added.


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