Robin Williams’ daughter doesn’t want an AI to recreate her father: “It’s terrifying”

Zelda Williams the actor’s daughter Robin Williams, has explained his reasons for supporting the actors’ strike that is still active in Hollywood with a compelling argument. The actress and producer, she explains, has good reasons for refusing to let studios employ the artificial intelligence to recreate deceased screen icons, including his father.

Through an Instagram story published on Sunday (via Entertainment Weekly), Zelda Williams expressed her fears about a future where majors ‘resurrect’ deceased stars for their projects. Williams, furthermore, accuses “terrifying” his encounter with this manipulation of his father’s memory.

“I am not an impartial voice in the fight [del sindicato de actores SAG-AFTRA]against AI,” he noted. “I have been watching for YEARS how many people try to train these models to create/recreate actors who cannot give consent, like my father”.

“This is not a theory: it is very, very real,” says Williams, speaking of his own experiences on the matter. “I’ve already heard an AI making its ‘voice’ say what other people want, and, although I personally find it terrifying, its implications go beyond my own feelings.”

“Living actors deserve a chance to create characters through their own decisions, to give voice to cartoons, to put their HUMAN effort in the task of interpreting,” he adds.

As for Zelda Williams’ opinions about the recreations, they are not at all positive: “At best, they are a poor imitation of great people. At worst, a horrible Frankenstein monster created from the worst fragments of everything this industry is, rather than what it should defend.

Who opposes AI recreations?

Zelda Williams, who lost her father in 2014, is just one of the film personalities who oppose the use of AI. If screenwriters fear a future in which they will be tasked with grooming artificially generated stories and scripts, actors and directors are against the voice and features of performers being just another commodity.

“It’s like a robot stole your soul,” he declared. Tim Burton, while John Cusack has spoken of “criminal endeavor.” British actor Stephen Fry, For his part, he has denounced the use of his voice in Harry Potter audiobooks, while Tom Hanks has faced a simulation of himself advertising dental insurance.

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