Robert Englund’s favorite horror movies, and a recommendation for Halloween

A true icon of terror for his mythical character with affiliated claws, a tattered hat and a sweater with red and green stripes from Freddy Krueger in the saga. Nightmare in Elm street. A real nightmare, and never better said, infiltrating the dreams of teenagers to massacre them. Robert Englund He was also well known for being the “good lizard” of the alien invaders of the eighties series V, which swept television audiences at the time.

And although at 76 years old There is no news that he will reprise his role as Freddy in possible new sequels, if it has returned to the news it is due to its recent participation, before a multitude of excited fans, at Terror Con, the horror event that took place the weekend of September 15 to 17 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

He was there on Saturday the 16th at a meeting with his admirers in which, naturally, he spoke about his experiences in Nightmare in Elm street and with Wes Craven, but also about the cinema that had had the greatest impact on him during his childhood. Above all, he remembers with passion great classics from the 50s such as forbidden planet (1956) or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954). “Come on! The giant squid. I saw it at the (equally mythical) Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. I was a fan”.

However, the actor clarifies that as a young man he buried all the love he felt for the genre, or the films of the Hammer production company, because he became a snob, only publicly maintaining interest in his training as a classical performer, preparing to be an actor of theatre, and admiring Shakespeare. “I was an idiot! I was consumed by my ego. And it was Wes Craven, God rest his soul!, who taught me to respect gender again”.

Englund’s Favorite Nightmares

And, of course, another of the questions they asked him about was for his favorite horror movies. A question to which Englund did not want to limit himself to just citing one and which we collect via Bloody Disgusting. “Tastes change with me. I’m going to release a few of them. Anya Taylor Joy on The witch... Let me out…The Swede Let me inThe seed of the devil It really continues to hold up. You can see it by Mia Farrow and you can see it John Cassavetes, just for their performances, not to mention the direction. There is something great, something great in that movie. And of course, Ruth Gordon like the oldest witch. Please never drink her drinks. And obviously, The ExorcistThe silence of the lambs“. And if there are ellipses in your statements It is because they would correspond to the applause of the attendees to each title I was mentioning.

Margot Kidder in ‘Sisters’
Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation

But, your selection does not end here. Englund continued: “I love Sisters by Brian De Palma, a great, great film. The best use of split screen in the history of movies. Margot Kidder, William Finley (my favorite Mad Doctor). He cuts two girls in half because he wants to make love to one of them. How disgusting and crazy is that! William Finley, great actor. He was also in The fury (by De Palma), and in my favorite small-time movie, Mortal trap by Tobe Hooper… And I love it Bride of Frankenstein“.

Angela Bettis in 'May'
Angela Bettis in ‘May’
Lions Gate

And it would be necessary to add that very special recommendation that he launches to see in the face of the terrifying celebration that is approaching. “Angela Bettis in May. You should see May this Halloween. Underrated, great, disgusting movie”.

Released among us as May, do you want to be my friend?is a small production from 2002 directed by Lucky McKee (The Woman), reminiscent of the myth of Frankenstein, bloody and also moving in its dramatic and psychological aspectand of course with a huge Angela Bettis who became with the award for best actress at the Sitges Festival more than twenty years ago, a competition in which the film was also awarded the best script, and unfortunately right now not available on any streaming platform among us.

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