Robert De Niro to star in new Netflix miniseries

Considered one of the most talented actors of the generation, Robert De Niro will finally make his debut in the world of series. After all, he will be the great protagonist of Zero Day, a new miniseries produced by Netflix in partnership with the actor.

It is noteworthy that this will be his first fixed role on television. With a career spanning more than 60 years, De Niro has dedicated himself exclusively to cinema, and has even won two Oscars.

Now, however, he has decided to venture into the world of series and participate in a political thriller on the streaming platform. See everything we know about the production.

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Learn more about Zero Day by Robert De Niro

According to Variety, plot details are being kept under wraps and the streaming platform is still trying to keep the series’ existence a secret. However, internal sources at the magazine found that the actor will be a former president of the United States in the plot.

Furthermore, it is already known that the script is signed by Eric Newman, from narcos: mexicoand Noah Oppenheim, from Maze Runner: Run or Die🇧🇷 Finally, the production team is completed by De Niro himself and by Jonathan Glickman, from Rush hour🇧🇷

While this is the actor’s first fixed role on a series, it’s not the first time he’s worked with Netflix. In 2019, Robert De Niro starred in and produced the film the irisha title that earned an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

The actor has won awards for The Godfather 2 (1974) and raging bull (1980). In addition, he was nominated five other times, most recently by The good side of life (2012).

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