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Road to El Dorado: Chel’s cosplay is a priceless treasure

Imagem de: Caminho para El Dorado: cosplay de Chel é um tesouro inestimável

In the year 2000, several incredible animations were released and made the joy of many children and teenagers, especially after multiple exhibitions at Sessão da Tarde, on Globo. The Emperor’s New Groove, The Little Mermaid 2, Chicken Run and Barbie movies are just a few examples.

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However, a feature that may even have gone unnoticed by some, but that enchanted and brought good laughs during the 2000s is DreamWorks animation Road to El Dorado. And cosplayer Lala Michaelis, did an amazing impersonation of Chel which is breath taking!

Check below:

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How to watch Road to El Dorado in 2023?

The story of Path to El Dorado follows Túlio (Kevin Kline de Beauty and the Beast) and Miguel (Kenneth Branagh of Death on the Nile), who during a gamble using rigged dice, win a map to the supposed city of gold. But, obviously, they are discovered and pursued, eventually managing to find a way to reach the place where they are mistaken for gods.

If you want to enjoy the nostalgia and watch the animation, there is a way to do this without resorting to piracy in 2023. Although it is not available for free on any streaming platform, the animation can be rented on Prime Video.

So, what do you think of Chel’s cosplay? They were willing to watch Road to El Dorado? Tell us on social media TechWorld!

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