Riverdale: Season 6 is now available on Netflix

Since its launch in 2017, riverdale – the drama mystery series from The CW – has conquered its place in the hearts of the public, and with the seventh season marking the end of the title, many fans are eager to check out the sixth year of the production, whose last episode was shown in the United States at the end of July.


Source: The CW Network/Reproduction

So, if you’re eager to find out what happened in this “beginning of the end” of the adventures of Archie and his companions, check below when and in which streaming to watch the sixth season of the series.

When and on which streaming platform will Season 6 of Riverdale arrive?


Although The CW is a unit of the multinational WarnerMedia, whose content in Brazil is usually made available through HBO Max, Riverdale’s distribution contracts were carried out before the service arrived in Brazil, with Netflix serving as the home of the series from the beginning, and as such, will also present the sixth season🇧🇷

1668664557 656 Riverdale Season 6 is now available onSource: The CW Network/Reproduction


As for the date to enjoy the episodes, here is excellent news! The new chapters of the drama premiered on the streaming provider Today, November 16tho, simultaneously arriving in the catalog and giving fans a great chance to enjoy a good marathon and prepare for the end, which according to KJ Apa, will be exciting and dignified.

So, are you excited to watch this season of Riverdale? Did you hit that sadness for reaching the final line? Tell us on My Series social media!

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