Rihanna trailers and concert: what to expect from Super Bowl 2023

O Super Bowl 2032 is already knocking on the door, bringing the final match of the American football league. In addition, the event will also feature the acclaimed Halftime Show, the halftime show, which will feature Rihanna’s return to the stage and dozens of trailers.

Throughout the match between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, the main Hollywood studios announce trailers of the big releases for the year, after all, the world is paying attention to the game and the halftime show.

below the My Series separated everything we hope to see in Super Bowl 2023. For those who want to follow everything live, see how to watch via streaming in Brazil here.

Rihanna Show

More than confirmed, Rihanna will finally return to perform live during this Halftime Show. The singer, who was out of the spotlight a few years ago, was featured on the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack in 2022, and the multi-Grammy winner is rumored to announce a global tour in the coming weeks.

Rihanna’s return is also linked to her new sponsor, Apple Music. Recent rumors point out that the artist signed a millionaire contract with Maçã, which is also making a great partnership with the Super Bowl.

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Traditionally, the Super Bowl halftime show features famous performers for 15- to 20-minute sets. In past editions, there have been unforgettable performances, such as Beyonce and Bruno Mars, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lama, in addition to the historic concert by Michael Jackson in 1993, and Prince in 2007.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

The third Ant-Man movie opens less than a week after the Super Bowl, but it’s possible that Disney/Marvel will release at least one more 30- or 45-second TV Spot to bring the cinema to public attention.

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Quantumania features the return of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), who will have to get his family out of the Quantum Realm before they all suffer at the hand of Kang, The Conqueror (Jonatham Majors), the MCU’s next big threat. The film hits theaters on February 16.

Compiled by Marvel

In the last editions of the Super Bowl, Marvel only revealed a teaser of all the productions that were to come, and the expectation is that this strategy will be repeated in 2023, with a 30-second to 1-minute video of small cuts involving all the films. and series scheduled for the coming months.

Release a new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 it could now overshadow Ant-Man’s release, and it makes the most sense that this trailer would come out a few weeks after Scott Lang’s film.

Series like Secret Invasion, What If…? and Loki season 2 also have some sort of brief appearance, as a taster of what’s to come. In fact, a solo trailer for the Loki series doesn’t seem out of the question either due to the importance of the series.

The Marvels has been causing a buzz among international journalists, and there is a possibility that the “sequel” to Captain Marvel with Brie Larson will get its first teaser, as the feature already debuts in July.

The Little Mermaid

Following the wave of bringing animation to the world of live-action, The Little Mermaid should finally get a full trailer at the Super Bowl. The feature casts Haile Bailey as Princess Ariel, who traded her voice for a pair of legs when she fell in love with Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King. Javier Bardem gives life to King Triton, while Melissa McCarthy lives the villain Ursula.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters on May 26.


new Pixar movie, Elements tells the story of the four elements of nature: fire, water, wind and earth, which take on “human” forms and begin to relate. The main story tells about the friendship of opposites Ember and Wade, made of fire and water. The animation has already received a first teaser, but speculation suggests that new promotional material will be released.

Elements opens May 16 in theaters.

Transformers: Awakening of the Beasts

The new film in the Transformers franchise will be a reboot of sorts, moving away from the Michael Bay universe entirely. Awakening of the Beasts will introduce new robots, such as Primal and the Maximals, and is heavily inspired by the animations of the 90s. Paramount definitely has something in the pipeline for the Super Bowl.

Transformers: Awakening of the Beasts hits the big screens on June 8th.

Fast and Furious: X


The tenth film in the Fast and Furious franchise will be the penultimate before ending the famous saga of Dominic Torreto, played for years by Vin Diesel. The feature brings more high-ranking Hollywood actors to the cast, such as Brie Larson and Jason Momoa, in addition to speculation that Gal Gadot could return.

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Some rumors indicate that the film would win its first trailer on February 10, before the Super Bowl, but production must appear at the event somehow. Fast & Furious: X arrives on May 19.

John Wick 4: Baba Yaga

Keanu Reeves returns to the role of John Wick for the fourth time, seeking revenge against the High Summit that betrayed him. In the cast, Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne and Lance Riddick return to their characters, while Bill Skarsgard, Donnie Yen and Hiroyuki Sanada were added in the feature.

The film already had a first trailer released in November last year, but with the release scheduled for March 23, new material should be shown.

The Flash

Source: DC/disclosure

Surrounded by mysteries, the Flash movie will finally win a full trailer during the Super Bowl. The film will carry out a kind of reboot within the DC universe and features Ezra Miller in the lead role. Michael Keaton recorded scenes as Batman, in addition to Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Henry Cavill’s Superman.

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However, with the changes proposed by James Gunn there are rumors that all these participations were cut from the film directed by Andy Muschietti. The Flash premieres on June 16.

Super Mario Bros

Finally, the expected new Mario movie should win its last main trailer before its premiere on March 30th. Chris Pratt voices the title character, Jack Black plays the villainous Bowser, and Anya Taylor-Joy takes on the role of Princess Peach.

So, excited for Super Bowl 2023? The event takes place next Sunday, the 12th, starting at 8:30 pm Brasília time and promises to stir up American football fans, and, of course, it will also set fire to those waiting for the halftime show.

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