Rick & Morty: Part 2 of Season 6 Gets Trailer With Dr. Wong

The Adult Swim released last night (7) a new trailer for the second part of season 6 of Rick & Morty. The preview reveals the return of actress Susan Sarandon as Dr. Wong, while Rick pays a visit to some of his enemies for ‘serious talk’; check out:


Rick & Morty features the adventures of Rick Sanchez, an extremely intelligent scientist and alcoholic in his 60s, with his 14-year-old grandson Morty Smith. The two travel to other planets and dimensions through portals.

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much more than Rick and Morty

It is worth remembering that there is still a lot of history ahead in Rick & Mortyas the animation won a renewal for another 70 episodes, in 2018. The creators of the series, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, have already revealed that the script for the seventh season has already been finalized.

In an interview with The Wrapincluding Roiland, commented that “the series could go on forever or as long as they want.”

In Brazil, the six seasons of Rick and Morty can be seen on HBO Max.

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