Rick and Morty: Animation Gets New Halloween Special; watch!

The series Rick and Morty prepared once again to scare their fans! With Season 6 on hiatus before its finale, Adult Swim has announced a Halloween special, following in the tradition of recent seasons.

But this time, the format is different. The production is now available on YouTube and you can check it out below.

who remembers Rick and Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures, the sequel to Halloween-themed shorts that put the wackiest characters in the multiverse into classic horror movies? The special was produced by Lee Hardcastle and now he returns to produce a horror short film!

now called Summer’s Sleepover), the special will follow Summer after she invites a rather strange and mysterious character to her sleepover.

With ten minutes long, the short helps to kill the homesickness before the animation returns!

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Source: Adult Swim

Learn more about Rick and Morty Season 6

Currently streaming and available on HBO Max, the 6th season of the animation continues to follow the crazy adventures of drunk scientist Rick and his nephew Morty.

In all, there will be 11 episodes that complete the season. The new episodes return on November 27th and HBO Max returns to releasing one chapter a week, with the last one available on December 18th. See the release schedule:

  • November 21 – Episode 7;
  • November 27 – Episode 8;
  • December 4 – Episode 9;
  • December 11 – Episodes 10;
  • December 18 – Episode 11.

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